.As a dual-fuel barbeque grill, the WHEREVER GRILL .combines the best qualities of ordinary charcoal and electric lgrills. It's real grilling made simple--for WHEREVER you live land WHEREVER you go. 

  • 176 square inches of usable cooking area
  • Portable
  • Interlocking hood and bowl
  • Double hood vents
  • Heat resistant wooden handle
  • Variable 1500-watt element
  • Standard 120 VAC plug













This isn’t just some ordinary counter-top electric griddle. 

We’re talking a 2-in-1 fifteen hundred watt electric grill that easily converts to charcoal for WHENEVER you want to grill, WHEREVER you happen to be. With an open grid design, the WHEREVER grill creates perfect cooking for all the mouth-watering sizzle and delicious smoky flavors you love.

The Wherever grill goes where you go.

Your outdoor porch, patio, or balcony can now be grill central with the Wherever grill. Toss in your favorite wood chips for hickory smoked flavor to take your recipes up a notch.

When converted to an electric grill, there’s no open flame, so it’s extremely safe for outdoor patio use. Maybe the backyard is your domain for family cook-outs. Take your party to the big game. You’ll have fans cheering your name in no time. Channel campfire magic by using the Wherever grill. Grab your snorkel for a day at the beach

The Wherever grill is simple to use, made in the USA and versatile for all your favorite recipes. Be the grillmaster – enjoy your favorite barbecue flavors whenever, and wherever, with the Wherever grill.

Click here to purchase your own at Crate&Barrel. Also available at other online retailers. 



Easy Assembly Video