Charcoal Grills

The Americana Charcoal Grill “…the best designed charcoal grill on the market.

Americana Charcoal Grills are known for quality and loved for many years of reliable use, and according to one customer review, Americana has the “best designed grill on the market.”  With adjustable grates and vents, and tilting cooking grids, grillers can control the temperature and cooking process for grilling perfection. These grills feature deep-dish hoods and bowls to create a grilling and smoking experience like no other. The oversized hood and bowl creates a smoky cavern that delivers flavor through and through, and extra large cooking areas maximize space.  Clean-up is made so much easier with the removable ash pan.  The Americana Charcoal Grill is like your best friend, always there for you!

Did you know…

With the 6-position cooking grid on our Swinger Grills, you can tilt the grid to cook rare and well-done, or different types of foods, simultaneously!

Featured Awesome Recipe: 

Orange Glazed Grilled Pork Chops...really yummy!